#131 City of God

City of God (2002, IMDb: 8.6) – What’s more heated, this movie or our discussion? Tensions rise here at G&Q Review over this critically acclaimed film from Brazil.

Going on a hiatus while we figure some show stuff out! (Think new name, new format? The world is our oyster.)

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#60 G&Q Watch Epic Disasters

Epic Movie (2007, IMDb: 2.4) – It’s a double feature!…kind of. Grant and Quinn split this episode in two. They first discuss this not-so-epic parody film, then transition into an almost equally not epic presentation from your favorite tech company.

Here is the Bottom 100 list if you want to follow along.

Apple September Event 2020

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#31 G&Q Review 1917

1917 (2019) – It may not have won the Oscar, but this epic war film definitely didn’t lose without a fight. Tune in today.

Review starts at 5:08

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